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Arduino sketches. Tools and techniques for programming wizardry (+code) : Программирование, Электроника, радиотехника
автор: MIHAIL62 | 24 октября 2018 | Просмотров: 558
Arduino sketches. Tools and techniques for programming wizardry (+code)     Название:   
    Формат:   PDF
    Размер:   130 Мб
    Качество:   Отличное
    Язык:   Английский
    Страниц:   478
    ISBN:   978-1-118-91962-0, 1118919629


Master programming Arduino with this hands-on guide
Arduino Sketches is a practical guide to programming the increasingly popular microcontroller that brings gadgets to life. Accessible to tech-lovers at any level, this book provides expert instruction on Arduino programming and hands-on practice to test your skills.
You'll find coverage of the various Arduino boards, detailed explanations of each standard library, and guidance on creating libraries from scratch – plus practical examples that demonstrate the everyday use of the skills you're learning. Work on increasingly advanced programming projects, and gain more control as you learn about hardware-specific libraries and how to build your own. Take full advantage of the Arduino API, and learn the tips and tricks that will broaden your skillset.

The Arduino development board comes with an embedded processor and sockets that allow you to quickly attach peripherals without tools or solders. It's easy to build, easy to program, and requires no specialized hardware. For the hobbyist, it's a dream come true – especially as the popularity of this open-source project inspires even the major tech companies to develop compatible products. Arduino Sketches is a practical, comprehensive guide to getting the most out of your Arduino setup.

You'll learn to:
Communicate through Ethernet, WiFi, USB, Firmata, and Xbee Find, import, and update user libraries, and learn to create your own Master the Arduino Due, Esplora, Yun, and Robot boards for enhanced communication, signal-sending, and peripherals Play audio files, send keystrokes to a computer, control LED and cursor movement, and more
This book presents the Arduino fundamentals in a way that helps you apply future additions to the Arduino language, providing a great foundation in this rapidly-growing project. If you're looking to explore Arduino programming, Arduino Sketches is the toolbox you need to get started.


Introduction xxix
Part I Introduction to Arduino 1
Chapter 1 Introduction to Arduino 3
Chapter 2 Programming for the Arduino 25
Chapter 3 Electronics Basics 45 Part 2 Standard Libraries 63
Chapter 4 The Arduino Language 65
Chapter 5 Serial Communication 81
Chapter 6 EEPROM 101
Chapter 7 SPI 117
Chapter 8 Wire 133
Chapter 9 Ethernet 149
Chapter 10 WiFi 169
Chapter 11 LiquidCrystal 191
Chapter 12 SD 207
Chapter 13 TFT 225
Chapter 14 Servo 241
Chapter 15 Stepper 253
Chapter 16 Firmata 261
Chapter 17 GSM 271 Part III Device Specifi c Libraries 289
Chapter 18 Audio 291
Chapter 19 Scheduler 305
Chapter 20 USBHost 321
Chapter 21 Esplora 335
Chapter 22 Robot 345
Chapter 23 Bridge 361 Part IV User Libraries and Shields 375
Chapter 24 Importing Third-Party Libraries 377
Chapter 25 Creating Your Own Shield 391
Chapter 26 Creating Your Own Library 405
Index 429

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