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Learning Android Forensics : Программирование, Операционные системы, программы, БД
автор: MIHAIL62 | 18 мая 2019 | Просмотров: 62
Learning Android Forensics     Название:   
    Формат:   PDF
    Размер:   13 Мб
    Качество:   Нормальное
    Язык:   Английский
    Страниц:   337
    ISBN:   1782174575, 9781782174578


A hands-on guide to Android forensics, from setting up the forensic workstation to analyzing key forensic artifacts
About This BookA professional, step-by-step approach to forensic analysis complete with key strategies and techniquesAnalyze the most popular Android applications using free and open source toolsLearn forensically-sound core data extraction and recovery techniquesWho This Book Is For
If you are a forensic analyst or an information security professional wanting to develop your knowledge of Android forensics, then this is the book for you. Some basic knowledge of the Android mobile platform is expected.

In Detail
Many forensic examiners rely on commercial, push-button tools to retrieve and analyze data, even though there is no tool that does either of these jobs perfectly. This book will introduce you to the Android platform and its architecture, and provides a high-level overview of what Android forensics entails. You will see how data is stored on Android devices and how to set up a digital forensic examination environment. Next, you will go through the various physical and logical techniques to extract data from devices to obtain forensic evidence. You will also learn how to reverse-engineer applications and forensically analyze the data with the help of various open source and commercial tools.

By the end of this book, you will have a complete understanding of the Android forensic process.

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