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Atlas of Pediatric Ultrasound : КНИГИ » Научная медицина
автор: MIHAIL62 | 11 февраля 2019 | Просмотров: 52
Atlas of Pediatric Ultrasound     Название:   
    Формат:   PDF
    Размер:   314 Мб
    Качество:   Отличное
    Язык:   Английский
    Страниц:   415
    ISBN:   9789350257708, 935025770X


This is the 1st edition of the book Atlas of Pediatric Ultrasound. The text is comprehensive, updated as per the present day requirements in the subject of pediatric radiology (ultrasound). The book has 14 chapters. The first chapter deals with central nervous system in pediatric age group.
Chapter two provides a comprehensive description of sonography of spine. A sound foundation of understanding of abnormalities in neonatal hip is provided in next chapter. Chapter four has detail description of ultrasound of chest. Chapter 5 to 11 are dedicated to abdominal ultrasound. Ultrasound of female pelvis, scrotum and testes are described in next two chapters. Last chapter deals with ultrasound of neck. A comprehensive index is given at last.

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