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Hands-On Machine Learning with C# : КНИГИ » Программирование
автор: brij | 13 августа 2018 | Просмотров: 181
Hands-On Machine Learning with C#     Название:   
    Формат:   EPUB
    Размер:   26.4 Mб
    Качество:   Отличное
    Язык:   Английский
    Страниц:   274
    ISBN:   1788994949


Explore supervised and unsupervised learning techniques and add smart features to your applications.

The necessity for machine learning is everywhere, and most production enterprise applications are written in C# using tools such as Visual Studio, SQL Server, and Microsoft Azur2e. Hands-On Machine Learning with C# uniquely blends together an understanding of various machine learning concepts, techniques of machine learning, and various available machine learning tools through which users can add intelligent features.These tools include image and motion detection, Bayes intuition, and deep learning, to C# .NET applications.

Using this book, you will learn to implement supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms and will be better equipped to create excellent predictive models. In addition, you will learn both supervised and unsupervised forms of regression, mainly logistic and linear regression, in depth. Next, you will use the nuML machine learning framework to learn how to create a simple decision tree. In the concluding chapters, you will use the Accord .Net machine learning framework to learn sequence recognition of handwritten numbers using dynamic time warping. We will also cover advanced concepts such as artificial neural networks, autoencoders, and reinforcement learning.

By the end of this book, you will have developed a machine learning mindset and will be able to leverage C# tools, techniques, and packages to build smart, predictive, and real-world business applications.

What you will learn
Learn to parameterize a probabilistic problem
Use Naive Bayes to visually plot and analyze data
Plot a text-based representation of a decision tree using nuML
Use the Accord .NET machine learning framework for associative rule-based learning
Develop machine learning algorithms utilizing fuzzy logic
Explore support vector machines for image recognition
Understand dynamic time warping for sequence recognition

Key Features
Leverage machine learning techniques to build real-world applications
Use the Accord .NET machine learning framework for reinforcement learning
Implement machine learning techniques using Accord, nuML, and Encog

Who This Book Is For
Hands-On Machine Learning with C#is forC# .NETdevelopers who work on a range of platforms from .NET and Windows to mobile devices. Basic knowledge of statistics is required.

Table of Contents
Machine Learning Basics
ReflectInsight – Real-Time Monitoring
Bayes Intuition - Solving the 'Hit and Run' Mystery and Performing Data Analysis
Risk versus Reward - Reinforcement Learning
Navigating the obstacle course with Fuzzy Logic
Color Blending – Self-Organizing Maps and Elastic Neural Networks
Facial and Motion Detection - Imaging Filters and Motion Area Highlighting with Accord .Net
Encyclopedias and Neurons
Should I Take the Job - Decision Trees in Action
Deep Belief Networks Using SharpRBM
Micro-Benchmarking and Activation Functions
Intuitive Deep Learning in C# .Net
Quantum Computing - The Future

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